Notre Histoire

In the far away country of Aurozakhstan, a few people met to ban all the toilets from the rest of the world. The choice of diapers was obvious, but who would be in charge of them? In the room, there was a few persons: Tomtom, Marc, Louxrail, Furryx, Jeff, Volta and Shaya. They were discussing about this new step they had to take when the door opened. "I'm sorry for interrupting your meeting," said a woman with white hair and a smile on her face. "But I think it is important that you know that we have found our leader." Tomtom stood up. "You mean that guy?" he asked pointing at Jeff. Jeff smiled. He knew that he would not be able to avoid his destiny even if he wanted to. He just hoped that he could stay alive long enough to make use of his gifts. "Yes, I mean him," she said. She looked around the room and pointed at Volta. "He can manipulate electricity so much that he can create lightning bolts out of nowhere!" Volta laughed. "So what? That doesn't prove anything! You don't need a leader when you can do magic like that." A man sitting next to Volta raised his hand. "Don't let Volta fool you. There are other things that only he can do. For example, he can move objects as small as a grain of sand using only the power of his mind. And the best thing is that it's completely silent!" "What?! How can that be possible?!" "It's easy. The only sound you hear is the silence." The man went on. "And he can also stop time whenever he wants to. It would work for a second or two but then the world will continue moving. But if it lasts longer, he needs to concentrate really hard." Volta took the glass of water on the table and threw it at the man.

Nos Symboles


Notre Drapeau est une représentation du Leader, un renard gris, orné d’une étoile dorée symbolisant le pouvoir et l’autorité.


Les armes du Aurozakhstan se blasonnent ainsi : « Coupé de gueules et de sable à tête de goupil d’argent, surmonté d’une étoile d’or ».


L’Ambassade du Aurozakhstan en France :