Auroz - Reference sheet

The reference sheet has been created by french artist Kosse in 2017 to help for the creation of the fursuit*.


Auroz is a grey fox, inspired by Zorua, a Pokemon. (His name is “Zorua” backwards!)



Medium grey (Hex. #888888, Pantone 430 C) — Main fur color.

Anthracite grey (Hex. #101010, Pantone 426 C) — Neck fluff.

Rouge néon (Hex. #FF0055, Pantone 192 C) — Paws, head tuft and “eyebrows”.

Violet pastel (Hex. #EFAAFF, Pantone 942 U) — Tip of the tail and the whiskers.

Cyan (Hex. #00FFFF, Pantone 311 C) — Eyes.

Kaex, 2014

Katsuke, 2015

Erixalu, 2018

Meoxie - Auroz feral

Meoxie, 2021