Experimental channel

It’s primarily a catch-all where I post whatever I feel like sharing. Generally, the videos that appear on it are unpretentious, and the ones I’m least proud of are still kept as unlisted. The channel is mainly used to experiment with new formats and should suit an eclectic audience. The program: highlights of my Twitch livestreams, as well as anything that wouldn’t fit in the blue or red channel.

Red channel

This channel is dedicated to new technologies: presentation and reviews of computer equipment (components, peripherals, audiovisual equipment …), high-tech news, VLOGs related to IT; and C-Top, a series to feature and review PC setups submitted by the followers of the YouTube channel — the first series about this topic in France.

(videos in french – english subtitle available)

Blue channel

The blue channel deals with a niche topic that is very close to my heart. Videos related to furry fandom and anthropomorphism, as well as music videos and other projects related to its conventions will have a place here. If you’re interested in the community, you’ll love it!